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It's been a hot minute...

...since I've blogged. I feel a little bad about that, but what can I say? I've been writing not one, but two books this summer. It's a lot to juggle on top of keeping up with social media, marketing, and the rest of life that has nothing to do with my writing career.

Not that I'm complaining. I'm not. After all, I chose this.

I appreciate every reader out there and I love that you're interested in my stories. To recap my summer activities thus far:

  1. I finished draft #1 of my Christmas "Why Choose" romance about Santa's naughtiest reindeer. I have a friend alpha reading for me now and once she's finished, I'll make draft #2, then send of to an editor. I'm really excited about this book and have some fun launch things planned in conjunction with it. Be on the lookout.

  2. I'm about halfway through the first draft of Diminishing Magic Book 3. Title reveal coming soon. Y'all, let me tell you, this one has been rough. Again, I did it to myself when I put those characters in those positions (ahem) but I'm feeling good about getting most of it done before I have to start back to my "day job."

  3. I have officially scrapped my plans to release a title on Kindle Vella. For the moment anyway. I guess you could say I 'changed' my plans. I wanted to get it done this summer, but the writing/balancing other author duties has taken my time and I don't want to release a substandard, unedited project, so hopefully later this Fall I will be able to start loading those chapters over on Vella.

  4. My son and I took a literal 25-hour trip to Dallas to see a K-pop concert. We saw TWICE and no, he didn't force me. I love them. What I love more is that my son is not embarrassed to be seen in public with me. (Not yet anyway.)

  5. I've scheduled an author interview in September before the release of Book 3. My first one on TikTok. Can't wait to see how that goes!

  6. I've decided to make the aforementioned Christmas book into a once-a-year Christmas series featuring a different one of Santa's reindeers each Christmas. I've got several future books in mind and the next one as close to plotted as I ever have. Looking forward to spreading the smutty Christmas cheer for the next eight years!

  7. I'm working on publishing a line of journals on Amazon. I've got a couple up already, which I'll link to in another spot on my site. Soon to come are the "Spice is Nice" Journal & Activity Books, Book Boyfriend & Why Choose editions. It's been fun working on those. Check my newsletter for more information in the future.

So, that's where I am right now. I'm going to dive back into writing for a while. Hit my email if you have questions or want to chat.

All the magic,

~Cat (and my cat Poe, who has decided to help me edit as I write. If you see a random go4ir550v]gj hpgeiu4 in my books you can thank him.)

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