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Wood, a spicy unhinged novella


Welcome to Between, Nevada, where the residents know there are two sides to every curse. 

Each of the books in this new Urban Fantasy series will feature two characters, two stories, and one curse. There will be a light & a dark story in each book, something for everyone. 

See what readers are saying about this unique new novella. 

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐The way the author writes tells an in-depth story but keeps it somewhat light with the dialogue between the characters! This makes for an easy and fun read. -- Amazon reader review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Read between the lines. A creative beauty.  --Goodreads reader review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Needless to say, I devoured it in one day. I couldn't put it down. The premise of a cursed town just really drew me in, and I can't wait for more!  I'm not sure who I liked more, Fallon or Esme. I can see some of myself in both. I liked how it was both a light and dark side to the same story. And the guys, well, talk about sexy! Hot nerd with a dirty mouth and a mechanic with a dark past. Yup, definitely on my list.  --Goodreads reader review


Two characters. Two stories. One curse.

Fallon’s Light Roast: Having a wreck and getting a ticket were just the beginning of my problems. Wait, no, just the beginning of my curse, if you could believe that nonsense. I didn’t have the time or the brainpower to believe in curses. I had a new coffee shop to run and bills to pay, including a ticket for the wreck I didn’t cause. Imagine my surprise when I started seeing people’s futures in their coffee cups. Didn’t have a choice about believing in that stupid curse then. When I saw the future of my hottest customer featuring me on my, ahem, knees, I suddenly wasn’t sure if disbelieving was a good thing. That was definitely a future I could support.

Esme’s Black Tea: Everyone in Between knew about the witch’s cursed bird. Heck, my family’s business profited every time that bird appeared. I just never thought it would show up in my life. At the worst time ever. I’d been on my way to break up with my boyfriend and put Between in my rearview when the Wayward Warbler struck, chaining me to the town until I got rid of the curse. I figured it would be easy, but when I started actually seeing people’s pasts in my tea leaves, including the grease monkey fixing my car and the past we’d shared, easy was the last thing it was.

Welcome to Between, Nevada, where the residents know there are two sides to every curse.

This is a steamy novel for mature readers that contains two overlapping short stories—one with light rom-com vibes and the other one dark.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Both stories contain scenes ofa  sexual nature & adult language. 

The dark story contains the following that may be unsuitable or triggering for some individuals: 

panic attacks from past trauma

revenge murder

trafficking of minors (this is referred to in flashbacks & in one scene, but no graphic SA happens to the minor.

Note: all get a HEA. 

FIXIN' VIXEN, a Christmas WHY CHOOSE romance

A lumberjack yeti, Jack Frost, and the North Pole’s sexiest elf (three years running) walk into a cabin…  
FV ebook cover final.jpg





I went to the Holidays Inn (not that one) to “chillax” by none other than Santa. I wouldn’t have needed the forced vacation if my ex Rudy, had kept his nose out of his ex’s Clare’s p—ockets. Her pockets.

Because he’s a dirtbag, I’m here biding my time until I “get my Christmas spirit back.” Santa, however, isn’t content to let me sip holiday drinks by the fire. Nope. He designed some ridiculous games for the guests at the inn. Now I’m stuck on a team with a yeti, Jack Frost and the North Pole’s sexiest elf.

We have to do a challenge per day for the next twelve days. If I don’t participate and become all Christmasy again, I’ll be kicked off Santa’s fleet for good. What would a reindeer shifter do then? Open an online store and sell knitted tissue box cozies? (Ahem, that’s what Clare does.)

I have no choice, so I’ll play Santa’s reindeer games. But I don’t know how I’ll win. My teammates are distracting. All of them—yep, I said all—are trying to get me under the mistletoe, if you know what I mean. Each of them has something special I’d like to explore, but having a man in my life is what got me here in the first place.

Now there’s three?
Ho, ho, and ho.

I know one thing for sure: I definitely want to take back that Best Boss Ever mug I got Santa for Christmas.

This is a steamy romance for mature readers where the main female character, er, reindeer will end up with more than one love interest. If that’s sounds naughty and/or nice to you, grab you a cup of hot chocolate, cozy up to the fire and enjoy this spicy spin on Christmas. It might remind you of a beloved classic, but this is not that tale.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love Cat's Twist on the classic characters of Christmas and made them believable living breathing people. Cat immerses herself in character description and detail.   I do believe Cat Collins is now my go to, automatic purchase author, for me because I genuinely enjoyed this book.  -- Mrs. Mandy Reads, Amazon review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The story itself was great, the writing was great, and the spice.... oh my, was it hot. There were a few twists and turns I didn't expect, but I do love how they really helped to move the story along. I think this was the fastest I've ever read a Christmas book. --Shauna, Amazon review

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  The characters were all so well developed and had their own stories that were told, even if they were just sideline characters, and the plot was brilliantly written and so creative and fun, so while the focus of the book may have been fixing Vixen, everybody had their moment, and as for the spice, woo, HOT! -- Danielle Graves, GoodReads review

The Diminishing Magic series

Book One in the Diminishing Magic series, JEWELS OF CLAY

BLURB:  Desperation drove me to insanity. It’s the only reason I can give for my quest to be admitted into the magic Conclave. If I hadn’t been facing the repossession of my grandmother’s home, with zero career prospects on the horizon, and flat broke, I wouldn’t have ended up in a werewolf camp facing my almost-assured destruction.

Yet here we are.

In order to prove my—and my species'—worth to the Conclave, I entered into a magic Perception contract with the surliest and frustratingly hot of the pack’s beta wolves. He wants me to complete some specially designed—ahem, impossible—trials to prove my worth and if I fall short? Well, let’s just say, I don’t get to go back to my life knowing I tried my best. Nope. He gets to kill me the second he perceives me unworthy.

Outlook not so good.

If I can’t use my gnome craftiness—yeah, I said gnome and no, I don’t have a pointy red hat. It's a beanie—my epitaph will read HERE LIES TERRA. SHE DIED DROOLING OVER A WOLFHOLE WITH PURPLE EYES AND INSANE ABS. AT LEAST THE VIEW WAS GOOD ON THE WAY OUT.

This is a steamy, slow-burn romance with enemies to lovers and a pack of hot shifters, full of humor, heart, and heat. It's perfect for fans of Kelly St. Clare or Leia Stone. Or anyone who ever used a Magic 8-ball.


Cat Collins' writing shines in Jewels of Clay as she skillfully weaves a narrative that balances plot, pace, action, characters, and themes with finesse. The plot is engaging, offering a unique twist on the classic fantasy journey, and the pace keeps readers hooked from start to finish.
--Jacqueline Neves (Readers' Favorite)

Book Two in the Diminishing Magic series, FLAMES OF GOLD

BLURB:    Well, that didn’t go according to plan.

So far, my life had been a series of impossible trials—which I overcame, thankyouverymuch—only to end in a violent death. Sort of. Maybe? It’s complicated. While I’m definitely in Netheria, the place where Magicals go when they die, I’m definitely not dead. I’m more like dead adjacent.

Good news? A crazy queen Seer tells me my boyfriend(ish) werewolf Wells, will get me out of Netheria. Hooray! The bad news is once I get back to the land of the living, I have to complete more of those aforementioned trials before we can have, um, relations of the carnal persuasion.

Rely hazy, try again.

Has she seen the smokeshow that is Wells?

Naughty thoughts aside, everyone’s counting on me and my special genetic makeup to do something that’s yet again, impossible. And I have to do it before the magic in our world runs out. If I don’t, we’re talking about a doomsday, total annihilation, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Mage split ya scenario for humans and Magicals, alike. I’m determined—way determined—to get the trials done so I can gain enough magic to open the Conduit to save the world. (And, you know, ahem, the other thing.)

I won’t let anyone, or anything stand in my way. Including the utterly impossible person who arrives at the camp, eyeing my wolf.

This is the continuation of a steamy romance full of humor, heart, and heat. It's perfect for fans of Zodiac Academy, Kelly St. Clare or Leia Stone. Or anyone who ever used a Magic 8-Ball.

Book Three in the Diminishing Magic series, GUARDIAN OF WHISPERS

Sometimes whispers speak louder than screams.

The saying 'be careful what you wish for' could not be truer. I'd finally gotten to Aetheria, only to be ripped apart from the pack. From Wells. I knew it was for the best, but the longing I felt for him in my soul wouldn't go away. Desperate to forget the feel of his lips on mine, I tried to fill the hole in my heart by focusing on my new mission: hunting the person responsible for closing the Conduit and his traitorous minion, then sporking him to death until he gave us our magic back. If I didn't make it happen, our world would crumble and be gone forever. At least according to a strange whispering voice I kept hearing in my head.

Welcome to Aetheria, Terra. You may be finally cracking up.

If I hadn't been temporarily out of it, I would've stayed by Terra's side-no questions, no regrets-but when I was taken back through the Conduit without my permission only for it to close again, I'd lost her once more. For good this time. I became a beast, bent on destruction and screaming for retribution over what had been taken from me. As Magic dwindled in our world, my pack faced more danger than ever before. I was torn in two, needing to protect our world and needing to get Terra back in equal measures. The Nameless Queen had told Terra I should follow my heart, no matter where it led. It led to her. So, I made the tough call to do what I had to do to get Terra back. Even if it meant sacrificing everything.

This steamy paranormal romance book ups the spice and the angst for the characters. The series is perfect for fans of Jaymin Eve, Leia Stone, Kelly St. Clare or the "twisted sisters."

Book 4 coming July 10, 2024

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