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Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as people start asking questions at a frequent rate, I’ll post them here. Until such time, enjoy these answers to questions I asked myself just once.


How do I get your books?

              Click the link on the book page or go to


Will all of your books contain romance?

              Always and forever, amen.

What about genre? Always fantasy or what?

              Not always. I've got plans for a spicy contemporary rom-com series, a spicy Christmas Why Choose book, and others I'm not ready to share just yet. However, the world I’m building and publishing first is considered Paranormal Romance with a fantasy twist. It starts in our world, but we’re not staying here for the duration. Keywords for Diminishing Magic series: werewolves, gnomes,  fae, peen references, slow-burn, enemies to lovers, found family, elemental magic, did I mention werewolves?

What’s your favorite word?

              Cacophony. Get used to it. It will probably show up in every work I write.


Best feature on a hot guy? I mean, you write romance, so you must have an opinion.

              That’s hard. (Heh. See what I did there?) I think I will say eyes. It’s what attracted me to my husband in the first place and my apparent go-to description when I’m writing love interests according to my editor.


Worst feature on a hot guy?

              Cockiness? Nope. Good with that.

              Alpha characteristics? Yes please.

              Indecisiveness is what I find hardest to deal with in the dudes I write and the ones i like to read about. 


What about heroines? What do you love and hate?
             I love when the female main character goes all Gryffindor or Dauntless (pick your own YA sorting element). I enjoy writing it because I’m a little too cautious in my own life. I don’t enjoy when my characters go so Gryffindor that they get themselves in sticky situations the author has no idea how to write them out of. It happens a lot more than you think. 


What authors do you love?
             Too many to name, but I’ll give it a shot: Jennifer L Armentrout, Colleen Hoover, Laura Thalassa, Kelly St. Clare. Maggie Stievfater and Veronica Rossi for YA. I’ve been reading through Lucy Score’s works lately and she’s awesome for Contemp romance. Last and nowhere near least are the "Twisted Sisters," Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti. Zodiac Academy lives rent free in my mind and will probably always.


Favorite books?

              My love of reading started with “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle. Like any red-blooded American reader, I’d thrown in the Harry Potter series too. I read a lot of unicorn stories and Medieval Knights tales in high school, along with “Flowers in the Attic” that may have irreparably informed and scarred my life at the time. I’ve always been a reader, but after I read “Divergent” by Veronica Roth, I knew I would become a published writer. Something about that story and that voice spoke to me in ways I will never understand. I literally closed the book and opened my lap top and began writing. I had no story in mind, no characters, no plot. Just the all-consuming idea to write. I even remember the first sentence. “I hate triangles.” It was an inside joke to my daughter who helped me rediscover my love for YA fiction when she loaned me her copy of “Uglies” by Scott Westerfeld. To this day, we argue over which guy Tally should’ve ended up with. (David! DAVID!!) 


Any hobbies or secrets you care to share?

  • I love photography. My kids and friends tell me I should’ve been a concert photographer, but I will snap just about anything at any time. Check out my Insta!

  • I’ve rubbed elbows with a few celebrities and worked as an extra on a movie set. Nothing juicy to tell, just something else to make me more mysterious and alluring.

  • My personal answers to Mace’s “get to know you” questions in Diminishing Magic Book 1 are in the book. I won’t tell you which ones are mine, in particular, but they’re there. *giggle*

  • I live in a converted loft that’s almost one-hundred years old and I love it. It’s so inspirational.

  • These terms apply to me, in no particular order: she/her, , mom, fangirl, Anglophile, shorty, also shawty, geek, Ravenclaw, Divergent, dreamer, student, teacher, spider killer, remote control operator, goofball, short order cook, believer.


Self-publishing: how’s THAT going?
             Current status: It's been a long ride, but I'm in the formatting phase. ARCS go out in a manner of days. 

What if I hate your books?

              It’s completely within the possibility that you will and that’s fine. You’re entitled to your opinion and you’re entitled to post that opinion all over the bloomin’ internet if you want. However, if you do, I ask that you be specific about your feelings. Don’t call me a bad author. Tell me what I did to make you think that. And hey, if you love my books, go ahead and be specific there too.

              I truly believe that there are books for every reader and readers for every book. While we, as a whole, can agree on some really great ones and some awful ones too, the vast majority of books are in the middle. I promise you that every single published author has worked hard. I ask that you respect that work, that passion, and that drive when you speak about books publicly. You will see that my social media is positive vibes only. There are tons of places out there to diss authors and books. Please keep your thoughts positive and respectful on my pages and we’ll be all good. If you simply cannot get over the need to tell me how horrific my stories are in excruciating detail, please feel free to email your thoughts to me at But, be advised: I receive almost orgasmic satisfaction from the delete key.

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