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New Urban Fantasy series

Welcome to Between, Nevada, where the residents know there are two sides to every curse. 

Each of the books in this new Urban Fantasy series will feature two characters, two stories, and one curse. There will be a light & a dark story in each book. They'll overlap but are told separately from another cursed character's POV.

The first book, READ BETWEEN THE GRINDS, is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram Spark & you can read on Kindle Unlimited.  


Two characters. Two stories. One curse.

Fallon’s Light Roast: Having a wreck and getting a ticket were just the beginning of my problems. Wait, no, just the beginning of my curse, if you could believe that nonsense. I didn’t have the time or the brainpower to believe in curses. I had a new coffee shop to run and bills to pay, including a ticket for the wreck I didn’t cause. Imagine my surprise when I started seeing people’s futures in their coffee cups. Didn’t have a choice about believing in that stupid curse then. When I saw the future of my hottest customer featuring me on my, ahem, knees, I suddenly wasn’t sure if disbelieving was a good thing. That was definitely a future I could support.

Esme’s Black Tea: Everyone in Between knew about the witch’s cursed bird. Heck, my family’s business profited every time that bird appeared. I just never thought it would show up in my life. At the worst time ever. I’d been on my way to break up with my boyfriend and put Between in my rearview when the Wayward Warbler struck, chaining me to the town until I got rid of the curse. I figured it would be easy, but when I started actually seeing people’s pasts in my tea leaves, including the grease monkey fixing my car and the past we’d shared, easy was the last thing it was.

Welcome to Between, Nevada, where the residents know there are two sides to every curse.

This is a steamy novel for mature readers that contains two overlapping short stories—one with light rom-com vibes and the other one dark.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Both stories contain scenes of a sexual nature & adult language. 

The dark story contains the following that may be unsuitable or triggering for some individuals: 

panic attacks from past trauma

revenge murder

trafficking of minors (this is referred to in flashbacks & one scene, but no graphic SA happens to the minor.

Note: all get a HEA.

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Book One of the Diminishing Magic series

spicy paranormal romance now has a coveted 5-star critical review from READERS' FAVORITE

Reviewed by Jaqueline Neves for Readers’ Favorite

Jewels of Clay by Cat Collins is a wild and hilarious fantasy ride that's unlike any gnome story you've ever heard. Terra, our quirky gnome protagonist (no, they are not like the garden statue types with red pointy hats), wants out of the human world and back to magical Aetheria. But there's a catch – she has to impress the Wolves, the gatekeepers to Aetheria. And trust me, they're not your typical big bad wolves. When Terra has to cook them a meal (sacrificing a fairy along the way), things get seriously complicated. She enters into a high-stakes contract of trials with a hot wolf judge and failing means her life is on the line. This book is a rollercoaster of humor, tension, and a sizzling connection on the brink of ignition, and you won't want to get off!

Cat Collins' writing shines in Jewels of Clay as she skillfully weaves a narrative that balances plot, pace, action, characters, and themes with finesse. The plot is engaging, offering a unique twist on the classic fantasy journey, and the pace keeps readers hooked from start to finish. The humor injected into the story adds a refreshing layer of charm, making it a joy to read. The characters are well-developed and relatable as they grapple with their heritage, self-discovery, and the courage to confront bullies. Themes of identity, resilience, and the power of connection are expertly explored. Overall, Jewels of Clay is a delightful read that combines fantasy, humor, and heart, making it a must-read for fans of the genre.



Book One in the Diminishing Magic series

Available on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited

 Click the pic.

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